If there are two places in the world where people are stimulated to thing and speak and act freely, that should be Art and Science. Both worlds are supposed to scratch on the edges of feelings and knowledge.

In a world where disunity, greed and proud have prevailed upon security, the engagement in a common future is growing.

Voice4Thought is one of the platforms that brings engages and outspoken minds together. Engaged artist, human rights activist, journalist, individuals from various professionals, creeds or place who want to change the world through words, art and action.

The pamphlet is an artific (art-scientific) presentation of the Voice4Thought, The pamphlet is produced in a collaborative effort between a filmmaker, researcher/academic and of course the Voice4Thought.

These pamphlets function as a gateway; they summaries the itinerary of the V4T whose will to moves and inspires others for a common good. The viewer is drawn into a different world of images, voices and thoughts that hopefully leads to reflection.